Fillet of Cod with potatoes and cauliflower - Chef Gabriele Tarchiani - Targa Bistrot, Florence


Fillet of cod on a bed of crispy potatoes and cauliflower flowerets

Ingredients for 4 people:
- 2 new potatoes with skin (100 g each)
- 200 g of cauliflower flowerets
- 4 fillets of fresh cod 150 g each
- Coarse salt of the Himalaya
- Chopped parsley (just enough)
- flour ( just enough)
- White pepper grains
- Tuscan extra virgin olive oil IGP of the hills of Florence
- Cod fumet

Cut the potatoes into quarters as tall as a coin and quickly blanch for two minutes in salted water. Blanch the florets of cauliflower and let cool down quickly, cover the cod fillets in flour and put them into a hot pan with extra virgin olive oil of the hills of Florence, starting from the side of the skin. Turn the fillets, fry until completely browned and turn again with the skin side on the bottom of the pan. Season with Himalaya salt and pepper with white pepper grains . Add the potatoes and cauliflower florets, chopped parsley and blend with the fish stock obtained from the bones of the cod itself. Stew quickly and reduce to the right consistency. Then adjust the vegetables on a serving plate, place the cod fillets on top and sprinkle with a little Tuscany olive oil.





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