Olio Toscano IGP
20 anni


The certainty of bringing a genuine and safe product to the table.

Want to know who has cultivated the olives, who has pressed them and who has bottled the oil? Enter the capacity of the bottle and the alphanumeric code on the label.



Toscano extravirgin olive oil IGP Magnifico 2018.


For its twentieth anniversary, the Toscano IGP oil will be featured at the prestigious "Il Magnifico" oil contest.

The Consortium for the protection of Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil IGP guarantees the authenticity of the oil which is obligatorily produced in Tuscany

Farms with the Toscano IGP brand

The strength of the Consortium is made up of people who have freely chosen to be part of ...

The Numbers of the Consortium

The Tuscan Oil IGP is a sensory discovery that is gaining more and more consumers ...


How does one taste oil?  What is the extra virgin olive oil? The Consortium answers to frequently asked questions


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